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Whole Foods Markets (they just opened one in Manhattan) carries a
vegetable is kept over near the cooler cases with baker's
yeast and such. If you have trouble finding it from them, let me know as
there are three Whole Foods Markets within a mile of us here.

We're only just beginning to think about doing our own cheeses, so I've
been doing my research!

Dennis Moser

Judy Seigel wrote:

> On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>>Note on egg whites:
>> I went to every health store/co-op in town looking for powdered egg
>>whites; no go. I tried online to find it. Couldn't. Then on a fluke I
>>called Cub foods (regular grocery store chain) after Judy gave the brand
>>name, below, of Deb El, and sure enough, they carried Deb El; it was "next
>>to the sugar in the baking dept." Pure egg whites with no additives of any
>>sort. Go figure.
> Chris, will you call Cub foods and ask if they have rennet (sometimes
> called rennin)? I've been in 15 so-called health food stores -- they never
> heard of it. Then they look it up on some website or other which says
> "available in health food stores." The best hint I got was from a man
> running a health food store who said his mother makes cottage cheese with
> lime juice. I did that, but it takes a lot of lime and the hand squeezing
> takes forever... So far I achieved one great batch, one terrible batch --
> but, on the bright side, I get to use my old darkroom dip and dunk
> fahrenheit-metric mercury thermometer. (I also lost 18 pounds, but I don't
> know if there's a connection.)
> J.

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