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Judy wrote:

> Why do single focus? To save battery?

That, and perhaps to save wear on the focus mechanism.

> In fact, what finished off my battery this AM was trying to set the EV to
> -.7, like Chris ! I had the manual open to the page, and spent at least a
> half hour (ready to scream -- girls are like that) trying to make it
> happen. It required a series of menu steps which were NOT stated on the
> page, and which I finally achieved after a long period of random flailing

With the camera on, BUT NOT IN "FUNC" OR MENU MODE, just press the thumb
rocker momentarily "UP" (there is a +/- icon on the rocker). This puts the
camera in EV adjust mode and shows an EV bar at the bottom of the LCD
display (it's on the top LCD also). You can move the pointer left
(underexpose) or right (overexpose) with the left/right rocker or with the
index finger wheel. When it is where you want it, exit the EV adjust mode
by either pressing the UP rocker again or pressing the index wheel down
(this wheel not only rotates, but also acts as a spring-loaded switch if
you press it straight down).

White balance adjusts the same way, except you start by pressing the thumb
rocker DOWN (note the "WB" legend on the rocker).

> One other point on something new to me, but maybe not to others -- I came
> home tonight after dark, though there were a lot of lights on the street.
> I took a shot of a couple (two shirts) without the flash, then thinking I
> should do the right thing, again, with the flash. The non-flash picture
> was much better -- showed a lot of background, which looked good. In the
> flash picture the background was all black... though maybe the slow
> synchro would have had more ? (Maybe it's better the book didn't arrive
> yet -- I am free to imagine it will explain all such things.)

I think the G5 has a "night portrait" program mode that addresses this
problem. On my G3 it's 3 icons clockwise from "AUTO" on the mode dial.
The "Slow Synchro" setting in the MENU settings (two icons down under the
camera logo) may do something similar without switching shooting modes).

> Etienne, I trust you won't mind my saying you must be a genius.
> That's the only explanation.

Very kind of you to say, but I suspect it has more to do with being
persistent/stubborn/ornery (in order of descending charity).

best regards,

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