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Date: 06/19/04-11:06:41 AM Z
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Note on egg whites:
     I went to every health store/co-op in town looking for powdered egg
whites; no go. I tried online to find it. Couldn't. Then on a fluke I
called Cub foods (regular grocery store chain) after Judy gave the brand
name, below, of Deb El, and sure enough, they carried Deb El; it was "next
to the sugar in the baking dept." Pure egg whites with no additives of any
sort. Go figure.
     Anything better than smelling that foetid smell of albumen under my UV

> However, I do know he said his Deb El dry whites kept indefinitely after
> mixing, but that the liquid eggwhites he tried were too stinky. (The
> powdered eggwhite had no odor, or none that I could detect.)
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