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Gloy used to be manufactured by Henkel some years ago. I don't know whether
that is still the case, but my supplies still last.

Jacques Verschuren

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Subject: PVA for gum printing

> I've got a physical chemist interested in working out the chemistry of
> dichromated gum, but because gum is so complicated and variable and the
> structure isn't completely worked out, and the structure of PVA is
> simple, he wants to start with PVA and see if he can understand what
> happens there first, before considering gum.
> I told him that I had printed with gloy, which I believe to be mostly
> PVA, and it seemed to work very similarly to gum. But we need to use a
> pure PVA of course for these experiments, so I need to find a grade and
> molecular weight of PVA that would be similar to that used in gloy. I
> don't know where one would find that out about the PVA in gloy, can
> anyone give me a clue? Or suggest a grade and molecular weight that
> might be close?
> I googled "gloy" and found some places to buy gloy in UK, but not a
> manufacturer. But (gloy printers should appreciate this) I did find a
> composer who composed "Ode to Gloy" a parody of Beethoven's 9th, "in
> honor of the glue."
> Katharine
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