Re: Ferric Ammonium Oxalate + Potassium Chloroplatinite Solution Shelf Life

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Date: 06/16/04-08:35:07 PM Z
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On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Loris Medici wrote:

> ... long pause ... OK I have made some research: there
> are vellum papers (it's for plotters I presume) by HP
> and EPSON. Will these work with alt. processes? I
> often see "non solvent" remarks about these papers -
> do vellum papers from HP or Epson incorporate
> chemicals and/or fillers/coatings and/or whatnot which
> can prevent successful alt. process prints?

Post-Factory #8 has an article about making digital negatives on paper,
page 42, & talks about different kinds of vellum in a section on
Substrates, page 39.

> Another question is: I plan to sensitize in batches -
> 30 40 papers at a time. What do you suggest for
> keeping the paper? Can I keep these in a box face to
> back without separator material?

 My experience with any emulsion on paper is that it keeps better
airtight, accomplished by wrapping tightly and putting under weight -- but
I note that in summer John Dugdale keeps his albumen paper in the

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