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James Reilly showed me his version some years back at
RIT and some folks from the Albumen works had the idea
previous to that (so I was told).
Trick w/that method is the paper will wrinkle.
After first coat and alcohol treatment you will need
to flatten them, or at least i did, to prevent
puddling while draining. I used a dry mount press.
The paper will try to separate from the strips in
places at times so watch for that too
I just did mine in trays (too lazy to build tanks) and
kept them submerged by hand.
165 Super Angulon for sale:

> > I've just built 2 vertical tanks for coating the
> albumen and silver nitrate.
> > I'm going to try using I think it was mark
> nelson's idea of dry mounting 2
> > sheets of paper (I use strathmore drawing 500
> plate) with thin strips of
> > mounting tissue around the edges and then dunking
> the combined sheets in the
> > vertical tanks I've built. My tanks are 12x13x1/4"
> in size and hold about
> > 600ml of solution. I use kaolin to get rid of the
> organic stuff out of my
> > nitrate solution and use replenishment (but i'm
> not quite at the full on
> > titration check stuff). If the tanks work out
> well, I'm going to build
> > bigger versions for larger sized paper.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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