Re: dichromate stain-Black Swan/White Swan Test

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I keep thinking of the Monty Python movie where they were trying to determine
if the woman was a witch by seeing if she would float like a duck....

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> Chicken.

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Subject: Re: dichromate stain-Black Swan/White Swan Test

I propose that we all go to Keith Gerlings house for a weekend and we will
dunk a black swan and a white swan in his well water and see what color they are
after about 100 ten minute intervals.   We can pluck feathers at each of
these intervals and read them with a densitometer and plot the change in tone.
There may be a publication here that we could all contribute to.   Then we can
see which theory's goose gets cooked. The results should feather the nests of
some theorists on the list.

That's my swan song and I'll duck any hostile replies.

Birds of a Feather should Stick Together (If you add enough gluteraldehyde)
Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson
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