Re: [Ammonium Iron(III) Oxalate and Sodium Chloroplatinate] in solution

From: Rajul Iyer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/16/04-10:14:32 AM Z
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Could you explain why you would use the chloroplatinate instead of the
chloroplatinite for doing Satista prints? In my recent experiments with
Satista, Ifound that whereas chloroplatinite (one drop of a 5% solution)
worked fine with about 25-30 drops of ~25% FAO for an ~8x10" print, finding
a way to enhance the contrast would would be a worthwhile handle to have.
Also, using vellum instead of pictorico OHP transparencies as digineg medium
can effectively reduce contrast when required.

TIA for any elaboration you can provide.


on 6/15/04 11:55 PM, Loris Medici at wrote:

> Hi all,
> I plan to mix Ammonium Iron(III) Oxalate and Sodium Chloroplatinate (as
> Satista sensitizer). Do these two compounds keep well in solution? (well
> = not less than 1 year)
> To be more specific, the mixture will be as following:
> 2ml %20 Sodium Chloroplatinate
> 98ml %25 Ammonium Iron(III) Oxalate
> (Yes I know both the Platinum and FAO solutions are weaker than
> "standard")
> Thanks in advance,
> Loris.
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