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Judy, Sorry, I forgot you were out taking shots of moving objects with a
digital camera (hand held no doubt). If you were able to say take two
shoots with one exposed for main subject and one for background or fill
subject, digital editing software makes a composite very very easy compared
to the task of composite work of older times. I find that digital editing
of shots is very interactive. If the people in your shots can't or won't
sit still, perhaps you can convince the buildings and scenery or what ever
background there is to stay put. cut and paste with a little edge smoothing
and ...

If you can choose how much color you add to your gum mix, and exposure of
the print, you can certainly choose how much blur to add or how much
sharpening, saturation, etc. to add in the digital expression.

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> On Sun, 13 Jun 2004, Eric Neilsen wrote:
> > Bracket and over lay to avoid blown out digital images.
> What do you mean by "overlay"?
> In this kind of shooting, bracketing may not be feasible -- or let's say i
> have to do a little less fumbling and groping before I get bold enough to
> expect folks to stand still for three shots...
> > use your digital image software to soften the edges, don't worry about
> depth of
> > field. The digital age is a different way of image completion, you are
> not
> > held to the same "in camera" capture quality ...
> thanks for that Eric -- I've been saying all along, "OK, I'll fix it in
> Photoshop," but felt that that was somehow illicit... I don't expect to
> feel fully entitled right off but it looks like I may also change the
> mindset: I've been noticing that some of those sharp sharp sharp
> backgrounds look great!
> J.
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