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Hi Bob & Gordon,

I don't know its formula but I have used 2 to 4 drops of ILFOTOL (the Ilford
conterpart of Kodak's Photo-Flo) per 20ml of classic cyanotype with good
results. The sensitizer flows much better on paper (but you have to be a
little quicker when brushing because it is absorbed quicker) and the paper
gets matte much faster (takes about half the time when used), dMax is
slightly better (but I'm not sure if this solely due to ILFOTOL usage, I
started to develop in %0.5 citric acid - can this be considered as a minute
amnt.? - at the same time with ILFOTOL and maybe the better dMax is caused
by ultra-mild citric acid development).


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> Tween 20 , is also known generically as Polysorbate 20
> HS-No. 34021300
> Mr ca. 1 200 * CAS-No. [9005-64-5]
> (Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaureate, n ca. 20
> I don't think you can make it yourself.
> I have read that some people use photo-flo, Edwal LFN, jet-dry
> (for dishwashers) and some have used dishwashing liquid as a substitute
> for tween. They are all surfactants. I don't what the pH of photo-flo or
> > ....
> > Is Tween something I can prepare from it's ingredients? Does anyone
> > what the ingredients are? Living here in Barbados it is a long, arduous
> > process to order things from overseas but many basic chemicals are
> > through the local labs. Please let me know.
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