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Date: 06/11/04-07:27:30 AM Z
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Hi Stuart and Paresh (and Gordon),
     Yes, the email came directly to me; Gordon, this is happening all the
time--is there something I can change in my outlook express to make sure the
emails go to the list and not to me?
     Stuart, I checked my rebate and it is for a "photo printer" so they
better honor it!
     Paresh, I tried applying the coupon at checkout for the extra $20 and
couldn't get it to work for some reason (it said invalid) so I figured I'd
just bite it and go ahead and purchase. Boy we are a global community; they
have Office Depots in India????
     I've printed out some negs already, and will print over the weekend to
see how they compare to the 2200. But anything will be better than the
Epson 660! The only thing that is a bugaboo is you can't use "black ink
only" unless you choose a paper setting, so I've printed in all inks so far.
The density seems about twice that of the 660.
    Thank heavens I have a light exposure unit; no printing outside in this
dreary weather. That is, if I can see--I made salsa last night and just
itched my eye with my clean hands--washed a number of times--and now I have
"jalapeno" eyes...whew! That'll wake me up. Never a dull moment around
PS Stuart, I have the Epson 3200 scanner and it is a charm!
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> Christina,
> I thought that I had sent the previous email to the
> list but discovered that I sent it to you directly.
> Called OD again and they had me just click the link at
> the C-84. They say that it's the correct rebate so if
> I encounter any problems, I'm going to hold them to
> the offer.
> Thanks for letting us all know. I was about to
> purchase it a year ago, but at the time I felt that I
> had too much stuff in the house.
> Now to figure out what scanner to buy;>
> Thank you again.
> Stuart
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