cheap C84 printer for diginegs

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/10/04-12:30:57 PM Z
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Hi All,
     Don Bryant, hearing of my crummy printer woes, sent me a URL a couple
days ago:
     It is the C84 from Office Depot, and with applying 2 of the
rebates--the Office Depot $50 mail in, and the Epson $20 mail in, my total
cost for the printer was $30! Now THAT'S a deal. Plus it came in a couple
days Fed Ex to the cold northwoods here, even though I did not ask for quick
shipping. Some of the rebates go off in June so if you are in the market
for a cheap printer, act fast. I'm sure the reason it is so cheap is it is
a lucrative ink eater-upper, so Office Depot assumes you'll be back
frequently for cartridges, but heck--I'll sport $30 even if I were to only
get one summer out of it!.
      This list is *****great*****; in the last week I have had help with my
library woes, my identifying book woes, and my printer woes. But if you
don't complain about your problems, you don't receive (said to those too
timid to post)!
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