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Date: 06/09/04-07:33:51 PM Z
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> Jack Fulton wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know what the odd attached files from tech
support and K.
> > Thayer are?
> > I am not willing to open them for fear of virus etc.
> > Jack Fulton
> I'm surprised to hear that a virus is purported to have
come from me and
> doubt very much it actually did, even if the address was
listed such,
> since (1) many viruses use bogus addresses that they pick
up from other
> people's address books and (2) I use a Mac and an ancient
version of
> eudora, and I've never heard of viruses bothering
themselves with such.
> Oddly enough, as near as I can tell I didn't get either of
these mails,
> although I've got mails referring to them.
> kt

   It didn't come from you. These worms harvest addresses
from the machines they infect. They use the addresses both
to send to and to spoof sources. On my machine this message
looked different from your real messages. The worm message
had your complete e-mail address while your real messages
show up with just your name.

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