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A lot of those perceptions rely on what transmits, as per discussions
previous to this post. One such transmission has to do with the electricity
through circuitry. Perception of the eye, I wonder, was the original query.
Or was it?

Steve Shapiro
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I keep wanting to reply to this thread, but can't remember or find the
original source I'm thinking of.

One of my original teachers was Fred Picker. A very opinionated and original
photographer / thinker / teacher. One of his assignments was to print as
many distinguishable "shades of gray" as possible on a good silver gelatin
paper. His intention was to teach "what were worthwhile and what were homely
shades of gray" (paraphrased) . I think he claimed "about" 80 or 100, I
really can't remember what I printed. I remember thinking (much latter) that
Adobe's 8 bit (126 shades) seemed more than enough.

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Not stupid at all!

Ansel Adams and Jay Hannah, the painter, did extensive study. Hannah for
both Kodak and Poloroid.

Adams broke the gray tones into ten 'Zones.' and Hannah determined there
are 64 shades of gray in discernable gradations.

Does that tell why AA came up with the Zone system and his f64 theory? Yes!
In fact that's almost all of it, exactly.

Steve Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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I hope this is not a REALLY stupid question...
I am good at asking those,,, but

Does any one know how many shades of grey humans can
discern, between black and white?

I know the answer will be a variable range, but what is
the range?

What is the maximum number possible (probable)?

30? 130? 1300?

If anyone knows of any such studies, I would love to hear
about them!

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