Re: wet place collodion and old 4x5 cameras with new 4x5 lenses

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Date: 06/08/04-03:37:06 PM Z
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> Okee-- 2 questions...
> 1. My intern and I have decided to make Ambrotypes, with the help of my
> best friend, Christopher James (well just the book) we are going to
> make this our summer project. Where the heck do u get ETHER from?!
> Someone's gotta have a good source. I haven't tried TriEss, but I feel
> like they SHOULD have it.
> 2. I have a Graphix View camera with a lensboard with a 38mm opening,
> but I wanna buy a newer Copal 0 shutter that has a smaller opening.
> How reliable are handmade lensboards?! If I get masonite or really
> really dense cardboard, and construct the opening myself and seal it
> with tape, is it going to have decreased image quality or just look
> ghetto?
> Cheers!
> Adam.
> ps- sorry I haven't posted in a long time, I've been doing video work,
> and that isn't considered an "alternative process" even though the
> majority of the conversation is captivated by printers.
Any local head shop should have ether. "Cleaning fluid" (nudge nudge wink
wink knowwhatImean)

I make my own lens boards Not hard. You can trust 'em.
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