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On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Wayne D wrote:
> The towns that are substantial enough to maintain a boardwalk usually have a
> decent downtown area, as well as amusement/attraction areas also. There are
> probably at least 20 "Boardwalks" in NJ but since you're concentrating on
> people you'll need easy access to heavy foot traffic. I'd recommend: Avon by
> the Sea, Seaside Heights, Wildwood, Point Pleasant, Ocean City and Sea Isle
> City.

Thanks for those intriguing suggestions, also the links and other info.
I've never been to "the Jersey shore" -- but have read about Cape May (in
the Real Estate section-- those great old houses!). I don't plan to go
near water (bad for the camera), so that's not an issue -- and boardwalks
should be excellent.

Back when bicycles still had those big front wheels my family used to go
to Atlantic City (tho we called it Atlantic City, not "Jersey Shore"). Now
that Donald Trump has ruined the place, Wildwood and Point Pleasant, et
al, sound all the better...


> ...Although I haven't been there in many years Atlantic City might be
> worth investigation also (I've heard that it's been cleaned-up some). One
> thing to remember is that many beach communities in New Jersey require the
> purchase of "Beach Tags" to get anywhere near the water in most built-up
> communities, and each community has it's own system of tags - boardwalks are
> exempt from this requirement.
> Check these links for some info:
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