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Date: 06/04/04-10:29:59 PM Z
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On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Wayne D wrote:

> ...I ride a motorcycle (a lot easier to park, get
> past traffic, and you just see a lot more when you're not in a cage). Since
> you don't drive you might consider renting a bicycle for getting from place
> to place. Once you're in one of the communities a bicycle will take you the
> distance necessary to cover the downtown and boardwalk areas. Have fun
> shooting.

I suppose you need a drivers' license for a motorcycle, & then of course
you have to get the motorcycle... but I already have a bicycle... I used
to go everywhere by bike, until some health nut explained that walking is
better exercise (as they say, *weight bearing*). Besides which my daughter
helped herself to the bike...(Biking used to be much safer in NYC -- there
were so few the drivers were freaked out at the sight and excessively
careful. Now they consider bikes a nuisance & give no quarter.)

Which towns would you recommend?

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