Liquid Emulsion

Date: 06/04/04-04:05:02 PM Z
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I am making my first attempts at using liquid emulsion (on paper) and I am in
need of some advice and troubleshooting. Although the prints look fine when
they come out of the developer and fixer baths, the emulsion (especially the
blacks) seem to run off almost right away in the (very gentle) wash, leaving
me, ultimately, with only a ghost image.

The wash water is coolish, so I know that it is not causing the emulsion to
melt. My developer is Agfa Neutol WA, and then I am using two fixing baths
(Ilford Rapid Fixer diluted 1:9). I am not using any hardening in the fix...could
that be the problem? The papers I am experimenting with are Fabriano
Artistico and Rives BFK, and the liquid emulsion is Luminos Silverprint.

I have now repeated this process twice, processing several sheets of paper
each time, and on both occasions I have had the same problem.

I am eager to try again (masochism!), and would appreciate any suggestions.


Rita Bernstein
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