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I need to recommend a wonderful article about August Sander in June/July
Art in America. Not only are there 20 superb Sanders you may never have
seen (they were new to me -- most histories seem to repeat a few familiar
ones) -- profound and beautiful portraits, beautifully reproduced-- but a
most illuminating article by Leo Rubinfien details Sander's life and the
times. The story of Weimar is told in more depth than the usual history of
photography, plus 76 footnotes.

And if that isn't enough, the same issue has a fine article about new
photography in China. Plus, more new Chinese art... I loved the guy with
the long hair walking nekkid along the Great Wall -- among other scenes.
This issue is definitely worth the $5.

If your local newstand lacks AiA, or anyway another good article on
Sander, is today's NY Times article by Michael Kimmelman in honor of the
Sander show opening at the Metropolitan Museum... Two of the 3 photographs
shown are familiar, but also are great. This show will be on until
September 19, so folks coming for the Republican convention will be able
to see it.

However, to suggest how history does get sliced and diced... Rubinfien
points out that ALL the books of Sander's publisher were wiped out by
Nazis, not just Sander's. Which puts a somewhat different emphasis on
why. Also, the accounts I recall from the standard histories somehow gave
the impression (tho maybe that was my misreading) that little of Sander
was left. The books were destroyed, but (I think the figure was 20,000, is
that possible?) prints & negatives remain.

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