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Date: 06/04/04-01:29:42 PM Z
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On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Katharine Thayer wrote:
> .... What I mean is that
> no matter who packages it and no matter how they spin it, a certain
> pigment will have certain qualities that are the same across the board,
> because of the chemical and physical properties of the pigment.


The same "properties" for the same "pigment" is by no means a foregone
conclusion when buying tube paint. In my experience manufacturer additives
can make a fine pigment unprintable... as for instance what I assume to be
dispersal agents added in some brands to some colors, which can make heavy

I've never found a dry pigment unusable... I haven't tried that many and
don't like dry pigment for other reasons, but suspect that the additives
could be what make some tube paints bad -- or good. Thickeners,
emulsifiers, dispersal agents, non-compatible gums... & so forth, which
are NOT listed on the label, or elsewhere that I know of.

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