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Yes, the coast is the place to be in July. And for T-shirts Myrtle
Beach, SC is at or near the top. Lots of other places have more class
(Charleston, SC in particular) but Myrtle Beach is in a class (or
perhaps non/class) of its own, which many southerners attribute
primarily to the very high percentage of tourists from the northeast
US and northeast Canada.


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>Think about the coast along North Carolina, South Carolina &
>Georgia. Should get you a lot of
>t-shirts, some nice coast line, nice islands, Savannah is kinda
>neat. A number of the Southern states have licenses which allow you
>to carry concealed weapons, so maybe you can get some T-Shirt shots
>with the bulge of a magnum underneath. Sam or Sandy might be able to
>get you a Clemson Tiger Paw t-shirt. I don't know if they license
>concealed cameras or not. I imagine it is a bit hot in these states
>in July.
>I saw some good t-shirts there like:
>"I'm his other brother Bubba"
>"Kudzu is a terrorist plot"
>"Your Honor, if we get a divorce, does that mean we aren't brother
>and sister anymore?"
>"Gum Printers Motto : Expose It & Hose It"
>on a hospital gown: "I'm a gum printer-I don't eat Orange Jell-O!"
>For your Canon and short arms, how about an elastic neck strap for
>it? Just don't hold it at arms length and then suddenly let go of
>it after taking a shot, unless you are wearing a helmet with a face
>I may start at my sister's home in Connecticut this fall and drive
>the coastline down to Florida. Though maybe I'll wait til after the
>Mark Nelson
>In a message dated 6/2/04 1:50:31 PM, writes:
>>Cor and Christina inspire me to ask the list -- I want to go SOUTH, that
>>is south of New Jersey, to photograph probably in July (I'd prefer June
>>but can't miss Gay Pride month in NYC)... but I want, um, how to say this
>>without starting a riot -- well, I'm photographing T-shirts on people, and
>>I already have all the "Good Bush/ Bad Bush" and other signs of blue state
>>politics I can use. I'm looking for the kind that say something about "my
>>cold dead hands" or similar articles of truth.
>>Experience in NYC suggests that both tourists & "natives" inhabit certain
>>kinds of places and (in NYC anyway) walk between them. Nashville sounds
>>like it might work... my problem being that I don't drive a car.
>>Christina, is there a "center of town" ? Besides the tourist attractions,
>>malls are fine -- except they're usually out in the nether regions... (I
>>am of course spoiled by NYC mass transit, and realize I've been living in
>>an unreal world.... am I going to have to get a drivers license in my old
>>age? Another option is bicycle, but I think it's hot in Tennessee in July,
>>But Tennessee is sooooo far away. Looking at the map, Virginia seems
>>closer. I know there's one city : Wheeling -- ooops I better check again,
>>I think that's West Virginia. Any suggestions about congested scenes in
>>And about that blow to the head , Christina -- I can relate. I am
>>FINALLY getting past some of the hiccups with the Cannon Powershot G5. (I
>>think it would be easier & quicker to learn to drive.) But the viewing
>>lens is a horror, and I find that when framing with the LCD monitor I want
>>to hold it at arm's length -- but with the strap around my nexk there's
>>not enough leeway. (and my arms are short.... maybe the same folks who
>>planned the instruction manual planned the neck cord?)
>>So you wrap it around your wrist -- I wouldn't tempt fate with that, not
>>anticipating a blow in the head, but just some other how losing it. Are
>>there longer cords available, does anyone know?
>>Thanks in advance for any/all advisories... more about the G5 in due
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