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Here is an excerpt from Koenig's book, page 122, in the bilbiography section
after he cites Wade's 1978 book:

"A seminal book that pushed the concept of photography as far as any other
has. In it, Wade mentions a monochromatic gum and oil printing method and
provided Koenig with the initial stimulus to go further with the method."
There's more.

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Judy while not having a copy of Carl Koenig's Gum Oil book in front of me i
am sure from memory that he sited the Wade book as his inspiration. I think
we should give credit to Koenig for giving this process the exposure he
does.Gum Oil has in common with Postfactory review something very rare in
this day and age real enthusiasm.PS my grubby little hands can't wait to get
hold of the latest PFR.Dennis Klinker
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> On Sat, 29 May 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have a xerox of a book with no bibliography on it I was hoping
> > could identify. It is about 10 inches tall, I assume it is from the
> > on page 101 it has a heading of Bichromate-Based Images. On 102 it has
> > heading Preparation for Printing. On 103 Gum Sensitizing, on 104
> > for the Gum Process and Exposing the Developing the Gum Print (their
> > and on 105 Photogravure. Thus ends the Gum Print section.
> >
> > It is not Reeves and Sward, Howell-Koehler, House, Arnow, Frederick...I
> > think it is from the 80's. It could be Wade but I don't know...I xeroxed
> > a long time ago, though.
> Christina, It's not Wade, or a couple of others I checked (Blacklow,
> Langford, at al). And it's not Arnold Gassan *4th edition* tho I'm
> wondering if it could be an earlier or later Gassan -- that kind of
> grouping sounds like him.
> But I mention something I'd noticed a while back in Kent Wade & thought
> worth mentioning: Wade has a section on "Gum Oil," which he cites as the
> invention/discovery of a graduate student, from his thesis -- I haven't
> seen Karl Koenig's "Gum Oil," tho I did see his promotion for that book in
> every venue from here to Machu Pichu... I wondered if the source was
> credited... Does anyone have that ??? (Just curious.)
> cheers,
> Judy
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