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Date: 07/31/04-11:55:52 AM Z
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Judy wrote:

> I'd figured on trapezoiding just the bottom, not the whole frame.
> Do you think that's feasible?

If I understand you, you mean turn a vertical rectangle into:

         | |
         | |
        / \

instead of:

         / \
        / \
       / \

(you'll need tu use a monospaced font like Courier to view the ASCII artwork).

I suppose Photoshop is capable of that, but I think there would be a
disconcerting joint or discontinuity where the horizontal scale switched
from linear to taper. I'm inclined to think it would look better tapered
all the way, but not enough to fully correct the perspective. But who
knows? Experiment, and you just might find a new paradigm!

> My problem -- and I wasn't going to discuss this on the list, but you
> force me -- is that such politics as appear on shirts in NYC are flaming
> furious fullbore anti-Bush. In the interests of a SURVEY, which is my
> project, I need some Republican, pro gun, pro Bush, shirts

> A friend told me today that I have to go to Oklahoma, or maybe
> Tennessee... but I think I'll try DC first...

Syracuse and the outlying areas would probably turn up some. Rural Georgia
would be my first choice. Or go to a Bush public appearance. Heck, just
wait right where you are -- they're bringing the circus right to you in a
few weeks (Madison Square Garden). You'll probably be able to get both
kinds of shirts in one shot, and some wonderful body language as well!

Interestingly, I see very few political shirts here in DC, except for
DuPont Circle and the college neighborhoods (where the distribution is the
same as you've found in Manhattan). I guess when it's the local industry,
people don't feel the need to advertise. Or perhaps it's more calculating
than that -- since the living of most everyone here depends directly or
indirectly on politics, and everybody wants to continue making one
regardless of who wins, people tend not to be flamboyant about their

> The problem is that as I walk conditions change, constantly, rapidly,
> under trees, in the shade of buildings, turning a corner, lights from a
> store window, etc., and of course the skies also change rapidly and
> continually on some days.

If you're out doors during the day and using a wide aperture, 50 should
certainly be sufficient, and if it's generally bright 25 should be plenty.
My G3 manual says that the ND Filter reduces sensitivity three stops, so
you can also arrange 6, 12, and 25 (and there's an alternate way to get 50):

camera setting effective speed w/ND engaged
       50 6
      100 12
      200 25
      400 50

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