digital question #2

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/31/04-12:20:39 AM Z
Message-id: <>

I'm having trouble controlling the browser that puts the photos on the
computer .... its behavior is whimiscal, to say the least.

For the first several downloads, the photos went into folders in three
columns with thumbnails large enough to recognize the image without
enlarging. But I can't seem to get them that way again, tho I spent a
couple of hours last night trying: Now the files download in a long line
(which gets very long when there are 86 of them) and the icons are too
small to "read" without enlarging.

A friend says she has iphoto which makes it much easier to manage the
files -- as in making index prints or contact sheets... I think Photoshop
7 can probably do that too. I'm hoping for some advice about which is
***easier***, and if that's iphoto, where would I get it?


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