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I purchased some of the PGHG material for making digital negatives
for AZO with the Epson 2200. When I received the film I measured it
with a densitometer and found that it measured about log 1.17,
approximately log 1.00 more than clear OHP. This amounts to about 3
1/2 stops of light loss for silver printing with AZO, compared to
OHP. Am I on track with my estimation of the exposure increase one
should expect with the PGHG material in comparison to OHP.

Second, just a comment. I recall that you remarked somewhere in the
past that the PGHG material is no good for printing with alternative
processes requiring exposure to UV light. Wow, you are really right
about that. I could not get any reading of PGHG film with my
densitometer in UV mode, even though it reads up to a log density of


>Sorry this reply is so late in coming.
>Last week I finished teaching a workshop in which the students made both
>inkjet (Epson 2200) and imagesetter (CopyGraphics in Santa Fe, NM) negs
>that they printed on Ilford silver gelatin paper.
>Though we had some printer-to-printer variations (the Epsons at this
>venue really get worked hard) many of the inkjet negs produced prints
>that looked like they came from camera original negatives. By the way, we
>were using the Pictorico Photo Gallery High Gloss White Film for the
>desktop negs. And when the students had good scans and did their
>Photoshop chores neatly, the imagesetter negs were swell as usual too.
>Hope this helps!
>>As far as I understand it, Temi, diginegs are not designed for silver.
>>The whole digineg thing arose from a need, not from a design purpose, so
>>when we print negs from digital files, we are doing something that the
>>programs/equipment just weren't designed to do. So yes, you may need to
>>apply a curve for silver, just as for any other process. I must say that
>>for silver I've never found diginegs that good, although I've used them
>>for special applications, when I wanted a large grain structure for
>>prints on liquid silver. For smooth, normal silver prints I find them
>>too grainy.
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