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Susan wrote:

> I think it was the Wimbledon plant who processed my
> Kodachrome.
> It would be worthwhile to see if other locations can process also...

In 1998, there were only two 120 K-14 lines in the world, according to an
e-mail from Kodak that was posted to the internet:

> PKR 120 can still be processed at:
> KR Center
> 4824 Nishibori, Arawa
> Saitama 338
> Japan
> Tel: (81)048-864-5572
> Fax: (81)048-864-5575
> Att: Mr. Hongma
> Kodak LTD
> KODACHROME Professional Film
> Processing Laboratory
> 29 Deer Park Rd
> Wimbledon, London SW193UG, England
> Tel: (44)081-544-0055
> Fax: (44)081-544-1493
> or (44)081-541-0794
> Thom Bell
> Kodak Information Center, USA
> 1-800-242-2424, extension 19

The Wimbledon lab was the last to go, in 2001. At the time, pretty much
everyone who shot Kodachrome in the world was calling photo labs and
talking about it on the internet. For weeks there were posts of "I found
one!" "Oops, no, they only do 35mm." At the end of it all, nobody had a
verified sighting of a live medium-format K-14 line. I doubt seriously
that anyone has built one since -- in fact, most of the 35mm K-14 lines are
closed now. I think only 4 or 5 are left, worldwide: Dwayne's and maybe
Qualex/Fairlawn in the US (I heard recently that Fairlawn is out, which may
or may not be true -- the Kodak web site still lists them), Lausanne,
Switzerland, and Horiuchi and KJ Imaging in Tokyo:


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