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> OK, enough persiflage... My first question is: I'm usually about two
> feet, maybe a tad more, from my subject... if I shoot at chest level,
> often the legs dwindle, a funny perspective effect. I figure
> that's NOT
> another effect of digital perspective, but just the way the
> 35 mm (or 28
> mm??) of the lens behaves.... I rarely saw anything like it in analog
> because I rarely shot that close and rarely with less than 50 mm.

I understand it's perspective / projection distortion of wide angle lens
- nothing special to digital camera. See some of my wide angle shots
showing this effect / distortion (all 21mm shots on 35mm film): (*)

I often see this in my photos because I use 21mm as wide angle, 35mm as
normal and 50mm as a tele lens. 75 is super-tele for me!

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