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Date: 07/29/04-03:25:10 PM Z
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Hi Jack,

You are absolutely right - you can buy a nice book for $20, or $295, if it's just a nice book that you
wanted. I feel that Mark's book is more like an in-depth workshop - you learn about not just how to
arrive at your solutions but understand the reasons behind the steps. That's the part that's valuable.

Of course it does take the concentration of several days to work it out (maybe I'm just slow). For some
people that may be too much. Remember all those students that you must have had who would say
they used the Zone System but kept getting unprintable negatives, and would have been better off
using all automatic cameras? Well, Mark's book would indeed be a waste of money for them.

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> Date: 2004/07/29 Thu PM 04:25:19 EDT
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> Subject: Re: Digital negative - was: Re: Thinking of building a UV contact
> box...
> Jeff Dilcher wrote:\
> "I contacted Mark, and was a little put off by the price- $75 for an
> e-book seems a little steep."
> Boy, that is steep, even if self-published. Look at what one gets for
> $24 and subscribing to
> "The World journal of Post - Factory Photography".
> I have a lovely book, "2 Saunters: Summer & Winter" 48 pages, hard
> bound, color and b/w duo-tone
> on walking in the Sierra Nevada. Photography and text. $20 + postage
> (about $2.50)
> So, if it does really cost seventy five bucks I'll check the web.
> However, I did chat w/Joel P. Witkin @ the San Francisco's Photo Fair
> and he has a very nice new book bound in red for $295 which I'd say is
> a fair price. 1000 printed.
> Jack Fulton
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