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> From some quick research, it would seem that AZO in Amidol might
be a good combo.

If you want to work with AZO paper a UV printer is not your ticket to success. AZO's peak sensitivity to light is at about 338 nms (if I recall my nanometers correctly today). Which means that it is very UV sensitive, which would mean that exposures with a UV printer would be so short that printing would be impossible to control.

Dodging and burning while contact printing is a bit easier than doing the same with projection printing since it is much harder to get halos and burn marks on the print when there is no projected image.

I use a R40 - 120 watt bulb positioned about 24 inches above the print frame. I regulate the output with a rheostat which in turn is driven by a voltage regulator. Before each printing session I adjust the lamp output by measuring the light intensity with an incident light meter where the film speed is set to 100 (to give accurate EV values). This enables me to adjust the lamp intensity over a 1.5 stop range if needed. Normally I set the lamp intensity to an EV value of 11.

But I'm sure this is more detail than you wanted.

> Any preferred vendor for the AZO or
> Amidol? I noticed Photog's Forumulary has a couple of Amidol paper
developers, one entitled something like "Weston's"- not sure which
one I should probably start with.

Visit the web site of Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee for more information about AZO and AZO printing and amidol developer for AZO.

Art Craft Chemicals has the best price for Amidol, IMO.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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