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> On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Kees Brandenburg wrote:
> > Pizza wheels are 'ejection rollers' helping to keep the paper flat.
> > Unfortunately they sometimes leave, pizza-cutter style,
> traces on glossy
> > printing material and pictorico. I have one 1160 who does
> it and another
> > not.
> >
> Kees, you are saying that the 1160 has pizza wheels? (I'm
> waiting for Mark
> to ask about the pepperoni.) Though your message isn't clear about
> whether the one hasn't got pizza wheels at all, or whether it
> has them but
> doesn't leave marks, I'm curious about if all have them, and
> if so where,
> as I never noticed wheels or marks from my 1160.
> Judy

I don't think pizza wheels are just present in particular production
runs - in fact, it's a standard part. I too hadn't noticed the effects
of them until I switched to Cone inks and started to print on
transparency media - if you look to your negatives in backlighting
and/or oblique lighting situation you will probably see the marks (lined
up tiny holes which are 1,5 - 2 mm apart). Actually, I had these on
every print on glossy media but I could only see them if was looking for
them ; if close inspecting and lighting is oblique - so it wasn't
disturbing (I inspected my old prints on Epson glossy paper after
starting to have problems with Cone inks on transparency media - that's
how I know they are present in my old prints; not that I noticed them at
that time). When I switched to Cone inks the wheels started to scratch
the delicate, not-dry-yet surface and leave very visible lines/marks on
my negatives. They were especially scratching the bottom of the
negatives because when the printer ejects, the paper moves extremely
fast compared to when printing and if there's some problem with the
wheels that prevents them turning well, you see an awful mark/line on
your negative (that was my case).

Probably you don't see them because you're using fast drying OEM inks.
Even so, the wheels may leave tiny holes on your negatives but these
usually don't register on the print.

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