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Date: 07/25/04-09:33:16 PM Z
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Jon wrote:

> Is there any chance that you can comment on the
> reactivity of these chemicals to plastic? I found some great plastic trays
> that I wanted to process in but I'm not sure if I'll wind up with a
> carcinogenic puddle on my darkroom floor.

Silver nitrate tends to plate out silver on some kinds of plastic, making
for a nasty cleanup (strong acid) and loss of expensive silver. It does so
much less on glass -- only the storage container will suffer, and you can
just leave that. BTW, sensitizing is done vertically, so you need a tall,
skinny container, not a tray. I don't know about ferrous sulfate and pot.
cyanide, but I stick to glass containers and trays. Enameled metal (steel)
trays or home-built wooden trays that have been asphalted are traditional,
if you want the full retro experience.

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