Re: problem with Epson 1270. HELP!!

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Date: 07/24/04-09:16:03 AM Z
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Take the $100 and put it on a new printer?

Mark Nelson

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> Hi,
> I just got a printer from Ebay. Epson 1270, I though
> it was a bargain at  $100.00 but it came broken. When
> I opened the printer up, there was ink smeared all
> over the inside. The power light and the load paper
> light are flashing, the black and color ink are on
> solid. Is the print head broken? I hope not! If so,
> How much is a print head? Can I put in myself? The
> seller is offering to return the $100.00, so I can fix
> it. Please help! I need your wise advice…
> Thank you kindly,
> Carmen
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