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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/23/04-10:35:42 AM Z
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Hi Nze,

Thanks for the information. Can you tell me
approximately what percentage solution you get
from the mix below? I already have my working
procedures calibrated to a 25% percentage
solution of potassum oxalate and would like to
continue with that strength solution.


>Hi Sandy
>For making my own Potassium oxalate I first add
>130 gm of acid oxalic to 500 ml of water then I
>add 110gm of potassium carbonate I well mix . at
>this point there is still some powder in the
>solution. I then I add about 15gm more of
>potassium cabonate and the solution get clear. I
>check with a pH paper and add water to make 1
>You don't have to worry about the dilution. A
>more dilute developer work as well as a
>concentrate one, you just have to change the
>developing time. For example I develop 2
>minutes @ 70F with the concentrated developer
>and 5 min. @ 70F with a half strentgh
>best regards
>Nz Christian
>>From: Sandy King <>
>>Subject: Potassium Oxalate
>>Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 00:33:05 -0400
>>I have found a number of directions for making
>>potassium oxalate from potassium carbonate and
>>oxalic acid. The directions seem pretty
>>straight forward and the mixing does not appear
>>to pose any danger. However, I am confused
>>about the percentage solution that is derived
>>from the mixtures.
>>So, assuming that I want to make a gallon of a
>>25% solution of potassium oxalate for Pt/Pd
>>printing, what amount of potassium carbonate
>>and oxalic acid should I start with?
>>Sandy King
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