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Date: 07/23/04-09:11:08 AM Z
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I've had my 8080 for almost a week now. I'm pretty happy with it,
although I don't yet have my new computer to work with the images, can't
judge the image quality yet. I'm only really able to judge what its like
to work with.

Using it is very nice, though like Jack I don't like the video viewfinder
(the 5050 has an optical veiwfinder) I didn't like the G5 because the
lens obscured a corner of its optical viewfinder. The 8080 has a much
better (higher resolution) digital viewfinder than the fuji s7000 and some
of the other 5 MG pixel cameras I looked at.

The 8080 is a lot smaller than any of the pinhole cameras and view cameras
I've used in the past 10 years :) Lets me do lots of manual stuff.

When I used to shoot color slide film years ago I used to do a lot of
shots at twilight using a flash and a fairly slow shutterspeed. This
produces images with both sharp details from the flash exposure, and
blurred portions due to the exposure from the ambient light and slow
shutterspeed and camera movement. I was able to do this with the 8080.

I was really worried that if I had bought a digital camera with lots of
automatic controls that it wouldn't allow me to things like this. So far
it hasn't prevented me from taking pictures the way I want to.


On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Jack Fulton wrote:

> Yeup! Dat's eet.
> One beeg honey ov an imaging device.
> As I wrote Gord, I saw it $525 but that might be minus batteries.
> Search the web.
> The more I use it the more impressed I am.
> However, I simply dislike the viewfinder solely because it is a video
> image rather than a rangefinder.
> It gives me RAW files if I am being, well, serious. Even the TIFF files
> take a short while to create in the camera.
> Though I am not fully privy to the truth of company policy I have it on
> record (whatever that means) that the
> Olympus folks will release a "Rebel Killer' in a few months this Fall.
> The 8080 is bigger than your 'cutie-pie' Judy but it is still a
> pro-sumer camera. Their E-1 is professional
> and though it's also 8 mpxls the contrast and detail and quality is
> noticeable superior if that is what one is
> after.
> Some photographers for Magnum are using the Olympus.
> About two years ago I made blow-ups digitally on an Epson printer to
> 20x 60 solely from digital files from
> their then pro camera. . . . they were for a conference in SF and came
> from the 'Day In The Life of Africa' book.
> Stay tuned.
> Jack Fulton
> On Jul 22, 2004, at 8:25 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Jack Fulton wrote:
> > However, consider the Olympus 8080 for $560 @ The
> > rep has let me 'borrow' one for the past month and it is excellent.
> > Magnesium body, 2 cards, RAW files,
> > 28-140mm equivalent to 35mm zoom + additional digital zoom.
> Is that the 8 megapixel Olympus C 8080???? I was on Park Row yesterday
> & irresistibly drawn into J&R which had the C8080 for approximately
> $850. Could there be that kind of price difference???
> That is a big camera, anyway. It made my G-5 seem teeny & cute. (So,
> like the t-shirt says, "It's all relative.")
> cheers,
> Judy

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