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Polaroid with 545

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Your description doesn't make sense. Open on L, slide the film into place;
pull the cover, expose the film, return the cover. Pull the lever to P and
pull out the film in a smooth motion.
Are you telling us that in the P position, the rollers open and fail to
press the liquid across the film?
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> I've decided to explore Polaroid transfer and have gotten a Polaroid 545
> film back pretty cheap--well that last part remains to be seen!!
> I've never had any experience with this sort of equipment before, I have
> film on order but not in hand yet. I'm hoping someone can tell me if
> the device is working properly from my description of how it is acting. I
> only intend to use this under an enlarger by the way.
> The rollers look ok but when you move the lever from P to L the rollers
> up but seem to reach a maximum separation of a few
> millimeters when the lever is only halfway through it's travel then after
> the halfway point begin to go together again. It seems as though the
> rollers should continue to open as the lever travels through out the
> path making me think that the cam may broken and the rollers will not open
> enough at the halfway point to load the film. I want to try to return
> ASAP if it is not going to usable.
> Thanks for any help
> Nicky

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