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Hi Temi,

Yes, if your monitor is properly calibrated you should then adjust the image
on your screen to look the way you want to print.

Think of gelatin silver (regular photo paper as you called it) as an
alternative process.
All processes require a curve, not only because of the H&D curve of the
process itself, but also because of the curve or transfer function of the
ink/printer/driver that prints up the negative.

There is nothing magical about "gelatin silver vs 'other' alt processes"

If you were to print that image in the form of a traditional negative—the
traditional negative has a curve too. The manufacturers of the film and the
paper conspired to make the two work together—and they gave you the ability to
match the curve of the paper to the curve of the negative by making different
grades of paper.

Everything has a curve—your printer, your scanner, your digital camera, your
traditional negative, and all processes.

Mark Nelson

In a message dated 7/22/04 4:06:19 PM, writes:

> My understanding of curves is this:
> * You first adjust your digital image as you desire.
> * Then, if you prepare a digital negative from this file, you could
> contact print a good image from this neg on regular photo paper in the
> darkroom.
> * If you plan on printing this image using one of the alt processes,
> then a curve would be applied to fit that process.
> * MY QUESTION-PROBLEM -- I need to listen to my mind and not apply a
> curve for an image/negative that will be contact printed on regular
> darkroom photo paper using regular darkroom processes.
> Can someone explain under what conditions or for what purpose an
> instructor might have students apply a curve to an image not intended
> for an alt process.
> I am presently in a class and hope someone can give me a reason not to
> listen to my mind.
> Thanks a million,
> Temi
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