Re: color gamut -- er, working space

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Date: 07/22/04-09:13:12 PM Z
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Dear All,

I think the info received ought to be enough to solve this thing -- if
only I understood it ! But I've downloaded all & will print out & study
some more. As of now, however, I'm pretty sure that neither of the two
manuals that came with the camera ("Software Starter Guide" and "Camera
User Guide") has any of the requisite information -- certainly nothing in
the index is remotely relevant.

The reason I mentioned 1966, by the way, was that that was the figure in
the message my computer sent me..... Would it say 1966 if it was a 1968
protocol? (I realize this is trivia, but it's one thing I know to ask
about, and one floating point to possibly pin down.)

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004, Jack Fulton wrote:

> A G4 can nicely run Panther 10.3.4 if, when installing, one does not include
> all the various languages and printer drivers, particularly the GIMP/Cups
> driver. But, there is definitely a learning curve that's a pain in the
> patootey.

Unfortunately, the biggest pain in the patootey is that, in a perfect
storm of planned obsolescence, none of my programs or peripherals
(scanners, printers, Pagemaker, database, etc, including a flatbed scanner
the size of a volkswagon and slide scanner the price of a cottage in the
Hamptons) work with system 10. Since I prefer them to newer models (the
"upgrades" are a mishmosh of "features" that screw up perfectly good
programs), any benefits of 10 would be at too high a price -- fiscally and

System 9 is, of course, the system from hell, left twisting in the wind
when Apple wrought 10. Theoretically you can put 9 in one compartment &
10 in another -- but I've never heard of it actually working. I've spoken
to (or e-mailed with) a number of folks who had the same experience --
they had to wipe out 10 & shudder at the very mention.

So I shall study, cast incense and sacrifice a goat or two and probably
ask more questions... (I was looking for something on Google today -- a
newspaper in West Virginia, if you must know -- when Netscape offered me
an intelligence test. I'm wondering if that's a hint....:- (

But PS: How the hell do you guys know all that stuff ??? Are you leading a
double life?

PPS: By now I probably have about 500 photos to process, and hope for a
few hundred more before the project is done, and it seems to me that for
my purposes RAW would be way way way overkill and the extra processing
would take another year... It also seems to me (although admittedly
"seems" is not conclusive in this game) that since I love the look of the
color on the monitor, my energy is best spent trying to get that color
into photo shop.

Again mille gracias (is that Spanish?) to all...

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