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This is what you do

Open the back of the UV box (do not let any spare VU out of the box)

Next connect each of the green ground wires to the base of the next ballast
working towards the ballast closests to the power plug thak a screw and attach
in the fork end make sure it makes contact.

Next take the last green wire and attach it to the green ground of the plug(
make sure you use a 3 wire cord.

Next plug the 3 wire cord into a grounded wall socket.

It will light every time

all, All floursents need a ground field by gounding each one to the next you
are making a GF. But no good unless you plug into a grounded outlet.

I have built 10 to 20 UV light boxes and this is what works for me. A friend/
student ask me to build one for her and I did. She said it would no work,
asking a few friends from Stanford to come over and look at the box they said

I was up close by and looked at the VU box looked at the plug asked if she had
a 3 wire extension and pluged it into her new part of the re-modeled house and
new darkroom. BINGO every time.

Just a thought

Jan Pietrzak

> From: Darryl Gage <>
> Date: 2004/07/22 Thu PM 07:36:16 GMT
> To: AltPhoto <>
> Subject: UV exposure unit
> OK, I've built the unit, but when I plug it in only some of the bulbs light
> up (4 light, 2 glow, 6 do nothing). Obviously I don't have enough voltage
> to power the complete unit. Is there some kind of voltage booster that can
> be wired in to provide enough electricity to make this thing work? Thanks.
> Darryl M. Gage
> Forestville, NY
> "Strange and beautiful are the stars tonight..." Blue Rodeo
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