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Date: 07/22/04-03:22:28 PM Z
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I had the sam eproblem using a magnetic ballast desined for 2 tubes.
Although regular fluorescent tubes would start just fine, UV tubes would
sometimes start, sometimes glow and sometimes just do nothing. FOr a while
I just wiggled the tube to get it started, sometimes just touching it
would be enough. Eventually I rewired with a small ballast and a starter.
Both purchased at Home Depot. It works 100% of the time now.

Marek Matusz, Houston

> OK, I've built the unit, but when I plug it in only some of the bulbs
> light
> up (4 light, 2 glow, 6 do nothing). Obviously I don't have enough voltage
> to power the complete unit. Is there some kind of voltage booster that
> can
> be wired in to provide enough electricity to make this thing work?
> Thanks.
> Darryl M. Gage
> Forestville, NY
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