RE: Epson 2200 questions

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/20/04-05:34:52 PM Z
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No, I have not tried the PGHG white film, but I have some on hand and
will do so in a few days.

Thanks, and if see another source for dye based inks for the 2200 let me know.


>> Anyone have a source for a dye based ink set for the 2200?
>Michigan Ink Supply - MIS sells dye based inks for the 2200.
>Unfortunately they can't verify over the phone whether or not the inks will
>adhere to the Pictorico substrate, their suggestion is to send them some
>Pictorico and let them print a test (1 sheet with pigs and 1 with dyes). I
>have just gotten re-supplied with Pictorico and will send them a couple of
>sheets next week. It would be nice to have an alternative ink supplier for
>making digital negatives. Switching to a CFS for the 2200 would save a lot
>of money.
>As for AZO have you tried the PGHG White Film from Pictorico? I thought Dan
>wrote that this material works much better for silver gelatin work giving
>smoother results.
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