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The Epson 2200 works very well the the Ultrachrome inks on Pictorico OHP
film. I wouldn't change inks. This combination works extremely will for digital
negatives for about any alt photo process you can name.

For digital prints, the Ultrachrome ink set has more longevity than the dyes.

Except in special cases it rarely pays to switch inks in a desktop printer—
usually it is far more problematic than it would seem.

Mark Nelson

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> Greetings all,
> Janet, I'm not sure which ink set Sandy is using for Pictorico, but I
> find advantage in using dye inks as opposed to pigment inks when
> printing to Pictorico.  I believe (based on past experience printing to
> vellum through an emotionally unstable Epson 3000) you will find this
> true for the Clearprint media, as well.  That said, I'm not sure Epson
> even makes a dye set for the 2200, but I'm sure somebody does.  We're
> running 2200's and 7600's, and do all of our digital negative printing
> through a 7600 loaded with dye carts.
> If  you are having specific issues with your results, just post the
> specifics back to the list.
> I hope everyone is well and prospering.
> -John
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