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Date: 07/20/04-04:40:35 AM Z
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Sorry Loris,

I couldn't comment papers you mentioned, because I am not familiar with
them. From the papers you know I can only get different Fabriano papers (oh,
I forget their Pittura paper (400 g!) - excellent for cyanos), one Arches
(Aquarelle), most of others are reffered as aquarelle paper with quite
unknown names - my VDB Rock is made on Rusticus paper (I dont know it's
producer - maybe Fabriano?). I would be very happy with paper like Rusticus,
but more white and maybe less texture - it's too yellow for the cyanos -
they look green on that paper.
Usually I use different papers to find out which is the best for the
particular negative.

All my work so far is made as contact copies from 9x12 cm negatives - no
enlarging yet. I am planning that in the near future. I am also planning to
try Salt print, Kallitype and Platinum (maybe Satista or MW version) in the
near future.
Have a lot of work to do - I can't wait for.


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Hi Stane,

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> Thanks Loris.
> Yes I use many types of papers. In the beginning I just went
> to the local art shop and buy samples of papers I suspect it
> will work. Now I mainly use Fabriano 4, 5, Watercolor,
> Rossaspino, Artistico (have problems with that one), Arches
> (I think Aquarelle HP - 170 g, 300 is not the same - it has
> white spots) and some local aquarell papers from our paper
> maker (Papirnica
> Radeče) (maybe I forgot some, I am at my work now).

You're lucky to be able to choose from such "wide" palette. I mean a
"wide" palette compared to mine: maybe it's my incompetence but I
managed to find only 2 suitable (read as: which I love to work with)
papers for alt. process printing here... Canson Montval (student grade
watercolor paper) and Clairefontaine Aquarelle - Etival. Both only in
Cold Press (NOT) finish. No, absolutely no HP watercolor papers are
present in my area!

BTW, I just ordered Stonehenge Printmaking paper from DickBlick -
reading many in favour messages from listmembers. But the discussion was
about a paper called "Stonehenge Rising"... I couldn't found a paper
named - Rising (DB, DS and other small suppliers) so I ordered the
straight Stonehenge paper. Plan to make Cyanoptypes, Vandykes,
Kallitypes and Ziatypes (LiPdCl is on its way to me along with NaOW) on
it... What would be your comments on this paper for these processes?

> Please note that I try to do my best with Photoshop that
> scans looks like originals, but there is minor differencies.

Yes, I noticed that! I also congratulate you for these very natural
looking successful scans.

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