Pyrocat-HD benzotriazole

From: Jacques Augustowski ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/20/04-12:32:37 AM Z
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First I would like to thanks Sandy King for his fine work on the Pyrocat-HD
Formula. We are always looking for the Holy Grail of developers, I think
Sandy is one step from reaching it. I have some questions, but for the sake
of simplicity I will ask them one at a time.

The restrainer is potassium bromide, but as experience says and textbooks
also, that with phenidone it should be benzotriazole. Not that the formula
doesn' t work, on the contrary, my question is what would happen if we used
benzotrialoze instead of potassium bromide? Of course some one will say why
don't you try? Pertinent and logical question, but if some one has already
invented the wheel why have all the trouble.
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