RE: Where can I buy polished plates?

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Hellooooooooo Jon,

Thickness of the plate 0,6mm and for the silver layer I use elektrolyse.
Are making dags ? If os ... can you give me some info about the color of the
jodium-layer you use.

Have a nice day,


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  What plate thickness are you using? How are you silver-plating?

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    I am testing the process of making daguerreotypes
    I use an electric buffer to polish copper-sheets myself. For a plate of
4x5inch it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
    When I ask to cut my plates in the factory ... I insist to be very
carefull because I do not want scratches on them ...

    Marc (Belgium)

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      I don't know how high a degree of polish you need for your Polaroid
transfers but you might find that the copper from a roofing supplier used
for flashing may be sufficient and would be relatively reasonable for larger
pieces. Since this is a relatively malleable metal you could probably also
polish it further with a power buffer or a buffer wheel on an electric
drill. Just some alternative thoughts to the art supply sources.


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