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From: Timo Sund ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/18/04-12:14:37 PM Z
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> I'm glad to hearyou are doing well- don't forget to do the follow-up tests!

Yeah donīt worry. I hate to be tested because they always seem to
reguire bleeding some blood or putting something extra to my
circulation. Radiologists must be topmost sadistic persons since they
use biggest needles on the market and they stick them to most tender
veins. ;-p (You should see my groin area after two major x-ray roundups)
I temporarily thought I īll glow in the dark after all those x-ray
sessions. ;-)

I was told 51% SAV patiens (try google) die or are seriously disabled in
Finland even there is best possible medical care and brainsurgery available.

It was close. In fact sixth time in my life I almost lost my precious life.

But itīs history and Iīm alive and recovering well.

Timo Sund
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