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Hi Gerry,
I spoke to Marilyn following your suggestion.
She suggested to visit New Century Gallery which I will do tomorrow.
She is not coming to Manhattan till the middle of August and she only
expects to organize a new exhibition in December.
I have also set up an appointment with Steveson Gallery to show my work for
next Wednesday.
Marilyn mentioned that you are organizing an exhibition now in SouthHampton
and because my website is under construction I thought about scanning and
sending you 6 images in order for you to consider them.
They should be ready tomorrow and I will forward them to you.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Thanks for your help.
pd Any other list member who has contacts for exhibit? I go anywhere in the

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> Keith,
> I have one but haven't set it up yet, but I think Sandy wrote in the
article or somewhere that the HID is about 1/2 stop slower at the distance
required to project that size circle.
> Don Bryant
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> My ancient Violux printing lamp died on me this week. I've been looking
> a replacement and I've been reading Sandy King's excellent rundown on UV
> sources at I'm interested in the HID Metal Halide and
> Mercury Vapor lamps, but I'm concerned about lengthy exposures. Does
> anybody here use of these? Any ideas on how long of an exposure I might
> need with the bulb far enough away to cast a 40" circle of light?
> Thanks
> Keith
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