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Try here for a UV Meter see if they have what you want.

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Jalo Porkkala wrote:
> Hi,
> what about modifying a normal light meter for reading **UV** levels, does
this sound possible. Or is there any other simple way to determine UV
content of sunlight on a given day?
> I ask because I print with the sun, sometimes shining from clear blue sky,
sometimes through light cloud cover, at different times of day, etc ...
> I've tried to use normal exposure meter, but of course it doesn't tell
much about UV. Surely I use test strips, and with cyano and vandyke it's
quite easy to judge the exposure from printing-out image, but it would be
nice (and time saving) to measure the exposure times ;-)

IŽd too like a lot trustworthy method of measuring UV-/IR levels at
various lightning conditions.

Might try more IR-shots + cyanotypes after recovering from recent
brainsurgery I had fortnight ago.

Timo Sund
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