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     OK, as I surmised. See, with the IR filter, which is almost black it
is so dark, it is not blocking IR light and with IR sensitive film you are
getting plenty of exposure. I, for instance, if I am using a TTL lens (lens
that meters through the filter) with an IR filter and IR film, may have to
go as high as 3200 ISO so my camera, which thinks it is "night" outside with
such a dark filter on, won't overexpose. This is not going to work for film
that is not IR sensitive--you are just blocking light, as Ryuji says.
     I also wonder why the filter is bluish if it is IR; all my filters are
bright red to deep red/black.
     I second the Maco film recommendation. It is a beautiful film. It is
about 100 ISO, but with a 25 red filter it is 25 ISO, with an 89B opaque IR
filter it is 6-8 ISO (NON TTL). But I don't think you have the same filter,
and therefore these recommendations won't work. Also, this is for the Maco
IR film in the silver box that has an antihalation layer; there is another
Maco IR film that has this layer removed, and I have not used it yet. The
one I am talking about only goes to 4x5 the last time I looked.

.. on >
> Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> > Timo,
> > I keep waiting for people to respond to your email questions and I
> > don't think they have yet, so I wanted to know: which IR filter? What
> No numbers only dark bluish 3mm thick piece of plastic. I use Efkes
> sheetfilm (BW)not IR- sensitive.
> Did some tests with cheap digitalcamera and got some wild shots. Nothing
> to publish but interesting looking shots.
> I also tried to shot view from where I live but couldnīt determine right
> exposure so film was heavily underexposed. Even it was overexposed from
> metered light levels up to +6 steps. I assume I shold have overexpose it
> about +10 steps or even more.
> >>Other point is what Iīve been thinking a lot lately: How to set right
> >>price to picture? My equipment costs money to get + materials arenīt
> >>cheap either. How to set price to a level which is "correct"? ie
> >>customer feels comfortably and I feel satisficed after sold my work?
> >>
> >>Have anyone tried making cyanotypes to wood? Or leather?
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