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I don't knopw if it has been mentioned since Ryujii posted
this, but I will.

I may be reading Ryujii wrong, but I view:

> Christina posted a comparison of glyoxal and glut
hardened sizing for gum dichromate process some time ago.
She uses 2.5% glut solution that came from the same source
as mine. So you might be interested in
digging the archive for that post. Both she and I
found that much less glut is necessary than the amount of
glyoxal that is commonly used to harden gelatin for

as suggesting a sort of endorsement of Glutaraldehyde by
Christina... I do not know where she stands on this at the
current time, but I think it prudent to be aware that
Glutaraldehyde is suspected as being the cause of what is
known as "Darkroom Disease"...

Quoted From:



For Glutaraldehyde, Aldehyde, and Solvent Sensitivity

This site exists in memory of Marjorie Gordon, New Zealand
radiographer, educator, and friend, who pioneered
awareness of darkroom disease.

Sensitivity to chemicals used in radiologic film
processing has been called "Darkroom Disease" and has been
attributed to some occupational disabilities, although the
cause and effect has been disputed. Glutaraldehyde, the
hardener used in x-ray developer solutions, has been the
prime suspect, although other chemicals are also under
------------end of quote.

While Glutaraldehyde may be a much more rapid hardener,
given the proper conditions, chrome alum works just fine.


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