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From: Jon Danforth ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/14/04-11:41:12 AM Z
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I'm not sure how you would make positives from your B&W negatives but the you can make Daguerreotypes by contact printing color chromes as well. I think that the plates are only sensitive to blue light.


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  I used to make B/W positives from B/W negatives using N31p,N33p, Gevarex GO210p. This was the past. Can some one tell me what is on the market now in Europe (I live in Belgium). Yes I know everybody goes digital ... I am not. I need these B/W-diapositives to make daguerreotypes by contact-printing. I hope that some-one can help me ... Thanks ...
  Marc Gommé (Belgium)
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